Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hello? did you miss me?

Ok lets just start right off the bat. It was funny to log in and read all my older posts as it seems like a lifetime ago. Since then i was dumped into better content further, faster and was taken under by the "raid times 24/7" that some of us get sucked into. ZA full clears, SSC, Hyjal, Black Temple etc. tanking, dps'iong and healing all the way through filling different raid spots on different nights.

And im tired.

With WotLK due out next week, our raiding has slowed to a halt and im left in the same place i thought i would be in the other guilds. Illidan is still alive and we are one boss away from clearing BT. The nerfs were great, but dont mean a thing if your healers dont come on.

Four healers is just not enough even in nerfed to heck content. From now on i will be more active in the blogosphere and on my own blog, so expect to see me replying to posts everywhere (such as WOW INSIDER and BRK).

Djibril, the Hallowed

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Absent but here.

Things have been a little "hardcore" for the last few weeks. My old office closed and i have spent the last 3 weeks raiding and the last week getting training on a new job.
Djibril turned prot and is LOVING IT. Tanking Ahune was awsome and the mechanics of the fight are advanced enough to make me want to do it everyday, but i wont :P
He got his new enchant Deathfrost and i tell you, it looks awsome on his new Kings Defender. Also in the mix is his new T4 helm:P
more later, see ya.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Damn i look ugly in ths mask......

So we all pile into ZA and start the smackin! we miss the timer by around 1 min, but i gots me A NEW AND UGLY HELM!!! yeah baby!!

We got through the first 2 bosses....and then the server died.........oh well.......
we were SUPPOSED to be in SSC with Fatal, sadly they decided we didnt have enough in the co-op (in the way of healers) and decided they would do ZA......we had enough healers damn you Fatal.....

that is all.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

But thats not what GC said........

So we never made it back to Gruuls......The other guild leader decided we should move onto SSC trash again. Uhhhh.....WHAT?!?!?! Really IMHO we should have headed there first to try him a few more times, but im just an officer. Whats that? oh yes im now an officer :P Let me explain.

As of last night i was offered my OWN kara group. I will be the raid leader/loot master and also was promoted to officer rank. This means i have alot more say in the guild and can REFUSE a few to kara who dont pull enough dps.

EG: there is a rogue in the guild who has been putting out less dps than the tanks.........he is in full epics, and when asked why? well, let me quote him for you.
"I'm just lazy. thats why i didnt hardly get off the kick on Shade the other night"
Not gonna fly with me. He is on notice to pick up his game, or find another guild to raid with.
24 other people RELY on his potion of DPS to down stuff. Also he decided to AFK several times in SSC and Kara with no warning. I wont stand for it, i may sound like a jerk, but in the end of it all its upto him to make sure he plays his class to the best he can play.

Back on topic, tonights love fest is more Looter and Gruuls fun as we try and move forward through the end game before the expansion hits and some Drood finds a way to SOLO Illidan (see wow insiders blog post about druid/ony fun)
That is all

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Step up to the plate

Now is YOUR TIME to step up to the plate. i want to focus the blog more on certain aspects of the game, but i need YOUR help.
Leave me a comment and let me know what YOU want to know about :P

Monday, May 26, 2008

SSC is calling!

Dj stepped into SSC last night to clear some trash with the "co-op". The trash was easy, the heals were good and even after the stupid server reset (and a certain pally wiped us by auto running by accident:S) we were at the looter below.
Not bad for our first attempt. WIPE WIPE WIPE....... damn you looter, we WILL kill you.
So all in all, we killed the trash with ease and wiped on looter, again, not bad for a first try.
My only issue is with taking 8 healers, IMHO overkill.
That is all.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Legacy of the unknown Hunter

Julios pugged kara......again. They wanted "a full clear" but a few of the kara group seemed uhhhh less than great. We wiped alot, we smashed alot, i got my Worgan claw necklace and LEGACY........Finally an upgrade to replace my poor old Crystalforged Axe.

Djibril helped smash curator and took over some of the raid leader stuff, then (as we only had 2 healadins and no aoe/hots) and after we wiped on aran a bunch of times, people had to go. Oh well, a few badges and T4 for some was very very worth it.

We started on gruuls with Fatal the other night, downed HKM and wiped 4 times on Gruul. Grull the GUILD killer, tonight you meet your maker.

On a side note i have heard that the GM of Fallen From Grace is quitting WOW with Alex taking up the GM position. Sad to see you go, and gratz Alex. Wish you all the best.

That is all